February 2021 updates wrap-up

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The GrowBot Trading module has been receiving changes during the last weeks. Here's the list:

  • Added task ids on-screen.
  • Confirmed cancellation when error got from an exchange when attempting to cancel an order (it was previously being delayed, accumulating threads).
  • Tuned unnamed exchange interface.
  • Added order ids to open orders/history tables.
  • Fixed an issue that caused launching duplicate tasks.
  • Added sleeping to timed trades between steps to avoid cluttering.
  • Refactored fetch_order_remaining_amount method on Sato Exchange interface.
    A big thanks to Motacoin's Jahvinci for helping out reaching the Sato devs to implement this method on their API.
  • Changed verification method after posting an order on the abstract exchange interface.
  • Added timing details when displaying day-of-week/day-of-month trigger based tasks.
  • Fixed issue in day-of-week/day-of-month trigger based tasks that made them launch immediately and not at the specified hours.

Some of those changes were affecting the timed tasks feature on the bot's advanced trading perspective. After deploying the changes a couple of days ago, we got confirmation that everything went smooth on those task types.