GrowBot updates wrap-up for January 2021

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There are some fixes we released during the last days and an addition that will be loved by all our user tiers.

Here we go:

GrowBot core updated

  • Previously, when you clicked on a link that copied something to the keyboard, you got an alert on the browser that you had to close by clicking on a button.
    That was part of the underlying engine, but since we have an override here, we equalized it.
    So, now, instead of having that alert showing up after copying, you'll get a standard "noty" notification (hidden in the notifications area of GrowBot), but it will suicide after a second.

GrowBot portfolio updated

We added a "deposit anything" feature. Now, if you don't find an asset listed in the portfolio because it has no balance, you can invoke the deposit dialog from the new section at the top of the portfolio.

Obviously, you will be able to show the deposit dialog for exchanges in which you have API keypairs defined in your account preferences.

GrowBot trading updated

We had to make a lot of optimizations on the advanced trading page. Mostly because users with heavy usage of our bot tend to have large lists of tasks and open orders, and updating those lists caused random browser lockups.

So now task queues will be limited to the latest 20 entries on each list, but when expanded, you can click on the "maximize" button and see the entire list, from where you can give it maintenance.

We also added a "purge" function so you delete all stopped/finished tasks with one click.

We also fixed a handful of issues in our Bittrex interface.

Other changes:

  • Added order submission checks on all exchange interfaces.
  • Added workaround for showing min trade sizes in minor coin when the exchange doesn't provide it in major coin.
  • Fixed errors in presets maintenance.


That's all for now. We have more to do, so we'll stick to our ToDo list for a few weeks, then notify when there are important changes to mention.