GrowBot first updates wrap-up for 2021

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Four months ago we announced an updates wrap-up with a bunch of exciting additions.

Now we're releasing the batch of updates that have been rolled out since then.

Component updates

GrowBot Core updated to version 0.0.40:

  • Added full size popups parameter.

GrowBot Portfolio updated to version 0.0.29:

  • Tuned layout of the account balances ticker.
  • Added checks to avoid timeouts when calling hacked exchange APIs.
  • Optimized account balances proxy.

GrowBot Trading updated to version 0.1.0:

  • Added default exchange/market: Blockchain Financial: GRWI/BTC.
  • Tuned order books fetcher on Blockchain Financial interface.
  • Tuned abstract task log output.
  • Added task-based logs generation and viewer.
  • Fixed issue in exchange/market cookie.
  • Tuned queue tasks lists popup size.
  • Added task stopping steps on volume and dust generators.
  • Added task pausing.
  • Reworked history checking for task runs to avoid incomplete details recording.
  • Added checks to avoid timeouts when calling hacked exchange APIs.
  • Fixed issues in bittrex interface.
  • Minor cleanup and style corrections.

What's next?

We still have a bunch of features requested by our users, so we'll be rolling them out as they're finished.

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