GrowBot's fall updates wrap-up

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We've been adding a handful of features to GrowBot from a list kindly provided by Jahvinci from MotaCoin. Some of those features provide greater productivity to trading and others that were cosmetic changes proven to be more than helpful.

News miniwall can be disabled now

If you don't want to receive notifications from the news miniwall, it can be disabled now. Just login and either:

Hit the icon on the widget:
...or enter the account preferences page and switch it off then save:

Chat added to basic trading

The News area in the basic trading page was meant to have TA over the exchange/market on screen, but we haven't found a good contents source. So we took it out and replaced it with the chat so you can join the conversation with other online users.

New user account center

When you login into GrowBot, you will find your avatar on the top left corner of the screen, and by clicking on it you'll see account centric commands.

As you might see, notifications are no longer shown on the bottom left of the screen. Now they're available from the "notifications" command on the account menu.

Implemented balances tracking for advanced tasks

Advanced trading tasks now trigger a script that will track balance changes and show them at the top of the order books so you can see how tasks are affecting your assets.


That's all for now. We still have things to do before the end of the year, so we'll try to move forward as fast as possible and notify accordingly.


The fine print

News miniwall module updated to version 1.2.0:

  • Added bottom margin when the widget is visible to avoid overlapping controls.
  • Added disabling capability.

GrowBot Core updated to version 0.0.39:

  • Replaced basic trading news widget with chat for logged in users.
  • Fixed spacing issue at the bottom of the portfolio perspective.
  • Added user menu to the top bar.
  • Wrapped notifications inside a dialog and added visible counters.
  • Added user display name to the page title.
  • Added balance tracking charts to order books on advanced trading.

GrowBot Ticker updated to version 0.0.14:

  • Tuned styles.

GrowBot Portfolio updated to version 0.0.28:

  • Added properties for easing CSS manipulation in the API keys prefs editor.

GrowBot Trading updated to version 0.0.51:

  • Added SatoExchange interface.
  • Volume warper fixes and additions:
    • Added checks to avoid type casting warnings.
    • Tuned form captions.
    • Tuned validations in task class.
  • Filtered empty positions in order books.
  • Tuned price validations on dust tasks.
  • Tuned order submitting method in abstract task class.
  • Added balance issue notification in abstract task class.
  • Added full stop on balance issues on all task classes.
  • Added check for empty data on Bittrex trading history fetcher.
  • Added balances tracking (snapshots and charts).


PS- Kudos again to the Motacoin team: your help is massively appreciated. Much love.