Now you can trade on Blockchain Financial using Growbot

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We've been relying in Blockchain Financial wallet services since the conception of GrowBot, and we loved the recent beta release of their trading services.

One of the greatest features of this exchange is the lack of major markets, making a true all to all crypto/crypto trading solution:

Under that scheme, GrowersCoin can be traded back and fort with any crypto from those supported by Blockchain Financial, and that's a great deal!

And since we've been working hand in hand with them, we're glad to announce the immediate availability of trading services with Blockchain Financial thanks to our interface with their API... Yes,

You can now trade from GrowBot in Blockchain Financial!

For starters, we added all markets available for GrowersCoin on GrowBot so you can buy and sell your GRWI with ease.

You just need to be Tier 3 User in our membership system, and that's done by holding 3,000 GRWI in your Blockchain Financial wallet.


If you're not a GrowersCoin holder, we also have news for you:

We're giving away free GrowBot account upgrades!

If you want to get automated trading on Blockchain Financial or any other of our supported exchanges (Bittrex, Bleutrade, Poloniex, Unnamed and SatoExchange), here's your chance to use GrowBot withouth having to hold any GrowersCoin! Just follow the next steps:

  1. If you haven't created an account in our website, do it now.
  2. If you haven't created an account in Blockchain Financial, do it now.
  3. Send an email to Blockchain Financial's staff through their contact form and provide your user names on both sites.
  4. That's it! Once we get the notification from them we'll level you up here so you can start using GrowBot!

If you need assistance, don't hesitate on sending us a message or pinging us through our Social Media channels.