GrowBot update: core, news and trading modules had issues fixed

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During the past couple of days, members from the MotaCoin Team and a handful of VIPs started to try our bot, and we've received reports of bugs that we had to address immediately.

Here's the breakdown of the things that were fixed.

GrowBot Core updated to version 0.0.38:

  • The chats were causing issues on the latest versions of Google Chrome and its clones due to changes in cookie policies.
    Even though the problem couldn't be fixed immediately, we've added a workaround to allow users to use the chats instead of having them breaking the bot's functionality at some point.
    We'll post another update when a permament fix is in place.

GrowBot News module updated to version 0.0.12:

  • Some of the news feeds were coming on different character sets, causing the news readers to fail.
    A check was added to avoid this issue.

GrowBot Trading module updated to version 0.0.45:

  • Unnamed exchange was delivering non-standard timestamps. The interface was patched.
  • Also on the Unnamed exchange interface, there's a missing feature that was causing an internal error and prevented task logs to be generated.
  • The minimum allowable amount of seconds to run any task was set to 10 seconds. We temporarily lowered it to 3 seconds, so tasks running in this time window size can run more frequently.
  • We tuned the charts on the basic trading perspective and added the latest price.


Again, we want to thank Jahvinci from MotaCoin for helping us out squashing those bugs.


If anyone gets any unwanted behavior or finds a nasty error or something, please be kind and drop us a message on our Bug Reports Forum describing the problem. We'll get back at you ASAP.


John Moore
Aug 3, 2020 6:56 PM (2 years ago)

Nice work!  Thanks for supporting our Pandacoin too.

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