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Bitcoin to Be Digital Gold in 2020, Says Bloomberg Report

[Apr 23 5:30 PM] Bitcoin will mature into a gold-like store of value this year, according to the latest projections by Bloomberg. The financial magazine’s report, “Bitcoin Maturation Leap,” notes that the cryptocurrency is poised for a bull run…

US Cash Crisis: Withdrawal Limits Spark Bank Run Fear

[Mar 18 3:30 PM] The entire world has been focused on the economy as the coronavirus outbreak has devastated global markets. While stocks, commodities, and barrels of oil plunge in value, there’s been considerable demand for cold hard cash in certain…

Bitcoin Still No Match for Gold in Terms of Store of Value

[Mar 9 8:00 PM] Global markets are in turmoil today as news of a Saudi Arabia-led crude oil price war caused selloffs around the world. Bitcoin joined the decline too with its own agonising plunge but gold price is holding up great. Market analysts from both…