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XRP Rally Risks Strong Retracement in Pivotal Battle With Bitcoin

[Jul 11 11:00 PM] After years of underperformance compared to the rest of the crypto market, XRP has been pumping from bear market lows. But just as the altcoin reaches a key level on its Bitcoin trading pair, an ominous sell signal has triggered.  Will the recent…

Small Cap Altcoins Have Outperformed Bitcoin By 5x in 2020

[Jul 9 8:00 PM] Over the last several years of crypto bear market, Bitcoin has vastly outperformed altcoins of all types. However, now that the first half of the year is in the books, data shows that alts have shined compared to Bitcoin in 2020. In fact, small-cap…

Introducing the CoinDesk 20

[Jul 8 3:00 PM] This group of 20 digital assets make up most of what people mean when they say “the cryptocurrency market.”

Three Signs That XRP Has Finally Found It’s Bear Market Bottom

[Jul 6 11:00 PM] XRP continues to sink, as does the stomachs of investors who have held the altcoin as a loss for over two years running. All that loss and suffering could soon come to an end, due to a number of signals that could indicate the asset has finally…

Ripple Effect: XRP Whales Buy Up A Sea of Small Fish Selling

[Jun 26 11:00 PM] Blockchain data transparency offers a figurative ocean of information at a click. New data shows that Ripple whales are buying up any XRP small fish sellers are offering up. In the past, XRP broke out from downtrends with an explosive move. With so…