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What Sent Crypto Plunging 50% Lower? Top CEO Weighs In

[Mar 21 11:30 PM] The Thursday before last were arguably some of Bitcoin’s worst days ever; the crypto asset saw a 40% loss, which was the second-largest percentage collapse in BTC value in a day, second only to the Mt. Gox meltdown. At the drop’s worst, the…

How Long Will the Market Downturn Last?

[Mar 20 1:15 AM] When will normality return? How long till global markets recover and bitcoin resumes the bull run it was teasing at before the coronavirus materialized? These are questions that all investors are pondering as the epidemic wreaks havok on gold, oil…

Bitcoin Gold Whale Allegedly Controls Half the BTG Supply

[Mar 6 9:05 PM] According to a recent study, bitcoin gold (BTG) market prices are being manipulated by a single whale who holds a significant portion of the bitcoin gold in circulation. The Bitcoin Gold network was recently hit with a 51% attack that caused two…