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Bitcoin And The Illusion Of Reality

[Jun 15 9:01 PM] The current metrics and systems posed by the federal reserve are designed to beguile and disguise the reality of money.A look at how the people in power may have more in common with a jewel beetle than you'd initially expect and how bitcoin may…

Covid-19 Added To The Fed’s Pumping Of The Bitcoin Price

[May 26 9:32 PM] The pandemic was oil on top of an already burning inflationary problem, soon to grow into a wildfire.Well before COVID-19 first made landfall on American soil, the United States’ national debt stood at some $22 trillion, and the U.S. Federal…

U.S. Treasury Calls For IRS Reporting Of $10K+ Crypto Transfers

[May 20 7:13 PM] Continued political buzz is abundant lately around crypto, and today is no exception. In a initial report from Bloomberg this morning, the U.S. Treasury has shared intent to require businesses, and likely individuals as well, that transfer $10,000…