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Vitalik Buterin Urges Ethereum To Grow Beyond DApps

[Aug 4 4:06 PM] The developer and co-founder of Ethereum recently urged the community to innovate beyond decentralized finance. He made these statements during a conference that took place in Paris. According to Buterin, non-financial utilities are part of the…

Russia Plans To Impound Unlawfully Acquired Cryptocurrencies

[Jul 8 4:20 PM] The Russian prosecutor general allegedly reports that cryptocurrencies are being utilized for bribing. As a result, Russia introduced cryptocurrencies into its legal system and as a taxable value in 2020. The country has also banned its public…

Bitcoin Is Our Best Shot At Decentralized Finance

[Jun 26 9:00 PM] The only way to actually accomplish decentralized finance is via structurally sound money.DeFi, a shortened version of the mouthful “decentralized finance”, is a hot buzzword these days. The term is often associated with crypto tokens and networks…