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Crypto Asset Goes Viral, As TikTok Users Plan Coordinated Pump

[yesterday 1:00 AM] One particular “practically worthless” crypto asset is going viral on TikTok. Users are attempting to pump the price of the altcoin to $1 or more, through the power of the social media app. The altcoin’s hashtag has already amassed nearly 3 million

Bitcoin SV is Up 21% This Week And Nobody Has a Clue Why

[Jul 7 1:00 PM] Bitcoin SV, the controversial blockchain token promoted by Craig Wright, has surged by 21 percent in just two days. The wild price rally surfaced as Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency token, jumped above $9,300 after a week of rangebound action…

US Senator: Digital Dollar Must Beat Bitcoin, Digital Yuan

[Jul 7 12:00 AM] During a hearing on the potential introduction of a digital dollar, Senator Tom Cotton claimed whatever the United States comes up with, it has to “be better than Bitcoin.” He also asserts it must be better than China’s digital yuan, which is…

Three Signs That XRP Has Finally Found It’s Bear Market Bottom

[Jul 6 11:00 PM] XRP continues to sink, as does the stomachs of investors who have held the altcoin as a loss for over two years running. All that loss and suffering could soon come to an end, due to a number of signals that could indicate the asset has finally…

UK Regulators Shut Down Crypto Exchange Following £1.5m Scam

[Jul 3 8:00 PM] GPay Limited, which traded as XtraderFX (formerly CryptoPoint) has been shut down by UK authorities following investigations into its practices. The firm has been on the radar of the Financial Conduct Authority for over two years. But a High Court…