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Bitcoin Mining In The U.S.: 4 States Attract The Most Miners

[Oct 10 6:00 PM] Dataset from Foundry shows that four states in the U.S. have the highest Bitcoin hash rate distribution. The dataset shows that many Bitcoin miners are headed to New York, Kentucky, Georgia, and Texas. Foundry U.S. is the largest mining pool in…

Quick History: The War On Tokens & Crypto Bans

[Oct 10 5:34 AM] Since the drop of the first token in 2009, there has been a battle for control going on within the digital world. This war is generally financially based, as countries try to secure greater control and grip on decentralized exchanges and…

Why The $1 Trillion Coin Is Another Reason To Stay Long Bitcoin

[Oct 9 6:00 PM] In the past weeks, the Bitcoin bulls have shown great strength pushing BTC’s price back into the $50,0000. In the meantime, the members of the U.S. government have re-opened a pandora box in an attempt to elevate their debt ceiling: to mint a $1…