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These Altcoins Set a New ATH While Bitcoin And Ethereum Tank

[Jun 29 8:00 PM] Last week, Bitcoin price fell from a high of $9,800 to a low of $8,900. Ethereum fell over 10% from $248 to $215. But while these top crypto assets tanked, several small-cap altcoins not only surged but set records for a new all-time high…

Timothy C. May: Libertaria in Cyberspace

[Jun 27 1:55 PM] Here are a few points about why “cyberspace,” or a computer-mediated network, is more hospitable than physical locations for the kind of “crypto-anarchy” libertarian system I’ve been describing. Several folks have…

Review: Crypto.com’s Ruby Steel Prepaid Visa Card

[Jun 26 3:10 AM] A number of members in the cryptocurrency community, typically people who are paid in crypto assets, have tried a myriad of prepaid cards that can be credited with digital currencies like bitcoin. The following post is a review on the Crypto.com…