GrowBot provides trading services



GrowBot's basic trading is as simple as checking the order books, filling a buy or sell form and submit the order to any of the supported exchanges using your personal API keys.

We support the next exchanges:

By holding GRWI on your Blockchain Financial account or becoming a lifetime tier user, you can access advanced trading tasks:

  • Presets: Fill in any of the task forms and save it as a preset, so you can use it later with the same exchange/market or a different market on a different exchange.
  • Editing tools: Save tasks as drafts and tune them until you're ready to test them or launch them. Clone tasks to see how they perform with some changes.
  • Trade types:
    • Ping-Pong: buy when the price goes down and sell when the price goes up. All automatically handled by the bot. You just need to set the boundaries and limits!
    • Timed trades: run buys/sells every n seconds, minutes, hours or days within specific hours of each day.
    • Trigger based trades: run buys/sells when price falls or rises or on specific days of each week / specific days on each month.
  • Task Queues: Keep track of your tasks and watch how they are performing. Get detailed reports of all transactions and see how high your profit is going.
  • Testing mode: Do not risk your coins! Put the tasks in test mode and see how they perform as the market moves. You can see them in action in the order books and order history. You can even fill partially or in full to see how the bot reacts in a real world situation!

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