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First steps for new users

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You're almost done!

Now that you've registered your account at Grower Tools, you just need to login.

Click here to login now

Welcome back!

You're almost set! Now, you can enter the bot as a registered user, but...

As Tier 0 user, you'll only be able to:

  • Bind your Blockchain Financial wallets and deposit/withdraw funds.
  • Bind your API keys for the exchanges available on your User Tier and deposit/withdraw funds.

If you don't have an account at Blockchain Financial:

You will have to go to blockchainfinancial.com and register:

Hit on the "Register" link at the menu bar:
Fill the form

A token will be sent to your email...
Open your email and hit the link

That's all! Once your email is confirmed you'll be able to login on Blockchain Financial to generate your API keys as shown below.

Generate your API keys

Just launch open Blockchain Financial on a new tab and follow the next instructions:

1. Login into your account and go to your account editor:
2. Scroll down to the API access keys and hit the "Add key" button:
3. Type the app name and hit save.

Once the page reloads, scroll down again so you have the keys on sight. Then, back on the GrowBot's tab:

1. Go to your account preferences editor:
2. Paste the public and secret keys, then scroll down and hit the "Save" button at the bottom:

Now, when you access the bot, your balances will be shown in the balances bar and you'll be able to get deposit addresses and submit withdrawals from the portfolio widget.

Are you a GrowersCoin holder?

💡 By holding GRWI on your Blockchain Financial wallet, you're eligible for access to trading tools on our supported exchanges!

When you have GrowersCoin on your linked Blockchain Financial account and if you're registered on any of the supported exchanges, you just need to go to your exchange settings/security/API access page and generate API keys. Every exchange has a different place to set them, but here, you place your keys on a single place: your account preferences.

1. Hit on your user name at the top menu and select "Preferences":
2. Scroll down to the "Per-exchange API keys" section and paste your keys on the corresponding place:

You don't need to set all keys, just the ones of the exchanges you're registered in and want to access through the bot.

Important: some exchanges limit the APIs when you have strong security settings. Please check their documentation, because if you need to provide 2FA passwords on every call to the private methods, you'll get errors from the bot every time it wants to submit orders or issue withdrawals or anything else from the private API endpoints.

Squeeze the functions out of our bot by joining a higher User Tier!

In order to get the most of GrowBot, you'll need to jump into one of our User Tiers by holding certain amount of GRWI in your Blockchain Financial wallet:

  • Tiers 1 & 2 do not provide any GrowBot extras.
  • Tier 3: Hold 3,000 GRWI and trade Cannabis-oriented coins on some exchanges.
  • Tier 4: Hold 5,000 GRWI and trade on extra markets (limited set with some major coins) on extra exchanges.
  • Tier 5: Hold 20,000 GRWI and trade on any market you want on all supported exchanges.

Do you want to learn more? Go to the User Tiers documentation page.

If you need assistance at any point, please send us a message using our Contact page.



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