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GrowBot was made with one thing in mind: having a terrific tool to ease the pains of trading cryptocurrencies —Cannabis-related in the first place— that be more than just a trading bot and had:

  • News sources and TA opinions without needing to go out and find them,
  • Global Cannabis-related crypto market stats,
  • Support multiple exchanges
  • and, above all, be a dependable automated trading tool.

So we decided to make a web app that could be easily ported across multiple devices. We were so satisfied with our job that we ended up having a great product that offers features for multiple budgets.

The thing is... you don't need to pay to use it. We decided to offer GrowBot features in a membership based scheme, so:

  • You don't need to do anything to use the bot in guest mode.
  • You can register an account and use basic wallet functions from all external wallets without limitations.
  • You can get into our User Tiers system and hold a small amount of GRWI to perform trading of Cannabis-related cryptos on some exchanges.
  • You can hold a bigger amount of GRWI and get more exchanges and markets to trade with advanced trading modes.
  • You can turn into a GRWI whale and get all advanced trading tools to do a lot of things on all markets of all supported exchanges.

Primarily made for Cannabis-friendly cryptocurrencies

GrowBot is mainly focused on the Growers International coin, but also supports Cannabis-friendly cryptocurrencies. Here's the full list of coins currently supported:

Cryptocurrency related news from major sources on a single place

We monitor a handful of news sources and save them locally, so you get the aggregated index and go to the specific articles with less clicks.
These are the news feeds we follow:

Access to Growers International Website Services

When registering an account on GrowBot, an account in is also set for you. This give you full access to all services offered by our main website, including:

  • Access to our chat, where you can discuss with other people from our Cannabis-centric community.
  • Getting items from our vast shopping catalog - You only need to fill up your shipping address to get things delivered to your door.
  • Using our toolset for professional growers: calculators, converters, charts, and more!

Your assets available from a single place

When you create a GrowBot account, you can link it to external wallets like:

  • Blockchain Financial: online wallet services, marketplace and tools. Link your GrowBot account with your BCF account and you'll be able to send/receive cryptocurrencies on your BCF wallets from the GrowBot app.

Trading made easy

We support the next exchanges:

Advanced trading with killer features

By holding GRWI on your Blockchain Financial account, you can access advanced trading tasks:

  • Presets: Fill in any of the task forms and save it as a preset, so you can use it later with the same exchange/market or a different market on a different exchange. Available for all tiers
  • Editing tools: Save tasks as drafts and tune them until you're ready to test them or launch them. Clone tasks to see how they perform with some changes. Available for all tiers
  • Trade types:
    • Ping-Pong: buy when the price goes down and sell when the price goes up. All automatically handled by the bot. You just need to set the boundaries and limits! Available for all tiers
    • Timed trades: run buys/sells every n seconds, minutes, hours or days within specific hours of each day. Available for Tier 4 and up
    • Trigger based trades: run buys/sells when price falls or rises Available for all tiers or on specific days of each week specific days on each month. Available for Tier 4 and up
  • Task Queues: Keep track of your tasks and watch how they are performing. Get detailed reports of all transactions and see how high your profit is going. Available for all tiers
  • Testing mode: Do not risk your coins! Put the tasks in test mode and see how they perform as the market moves. You can see them in action in the order books and order history. You can even fill partially or in full to see how the bot reacts in a real world situation! Available for Tier 4 and up

Squeeze the functions out of our bot by joining a higher User Tier!

As you may have noticed, you'll need to jump into one of our User Tiers by holding certain amount of GRWI in your Blockchain Financial wallet:

  • Tier 3: Hold   3,000 GRWI and trade Cannabis-oriented coins on some exchanges.
  • Tier 4: Hold   5,000 GRWI and trade on extra markets (limited set with some major coins) on extra exchanges.
  • Tier 5: Hold 20,000 GRWI and trade on any market you want on all supported exchanges.

Don't you own any GRWI? We now offer paid upgrades ~ level up to tiers 3, 4 and 5 with one payment! Click here to learn how.


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