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Crypto-Centric VC Fund Lures in Billionaire Investor Paul Tudor Jones and Rapper LL Cool J

This week the former Digital Currency Group (DCG) Vice President of Investments, Travis Scher, announced a $72 million crypto-focused venture capital fund backed by the billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones and hip-hop star LL Cool J. The crypto VC…
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Sky High Bitcoin and Ethereum Fees: While Prices Jump the Cost to Transfer Follows Suit

While a number of digital currencies have seen price gains the two leading crypto assets, bitcoin and ethereum have seen transaction fees skyrocket. For instance, data shows that the median fee for a bitcoin transaction is $8.58, while the median…
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Analysis Shows Bitcoin Whales Are Stockpiling, but ‘BTC Ownership Is Not Highly Concentrated’

During the last few months, a few reports from mainstream media (MSM) outlets tried to prove that a large sum of bitcoin is controlled by a small group of people. Recently, Bloomberg claimed that “2% of accounts control 95% of all…