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Despite Warnings from Regulators, the Ethereum Fueled Pyramid Scheme Forsage Thrives

While Ethereum has seen a number of benefits from the decentralized finance (defi) movement and initial coin offerings (ICOs), more recently individuals have been leveraging ether for pyramid schemes and matrix cycler programs. One particular…
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Mastercard Launches Digital Currency Testing Platform for Central Banks

Mastercard has launched a digital currency testing platform aimed at helping central banks test their digital currencies. The system will also demonstrate how consumers can use central bank digital currencies to pay for goods and services wherever…
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DeFi Effect: Ethereum Network Grows 25% In 2020, Most Addresses Profitable

Ethereum has had a remarkable year thanks to the DeFi explosion. Not since the ICO boom has the crypto asset seen this much demand, development, and network activity. And despite the recent plunge in Ethereum price, addresses have only grown…