About Grower Tools


Grower Tools is a hub for web based services offered by Growers Intl. to everyone in the Cannabis Industry:

The Grower Suite

The Grower Suite is a toolbox that provides direct links to an assortment of charts from different providers of growing supplies.

Also, provides calculators for soil requirements, power usage, air conditioning and Co2 flow.

An unit converter calculator is included for your conversion needs.


GrowBot is a cryptocurrencies trading tool with several additions:

  • Has an aggregated news service, so you can watch incoming articles without leaving the bot.
  • Gives a centralized view of multiple cryptocurrency wallets from different exchanges through personal API keys.
  • Provides basic trading services to easily buy/sell cryptocurrencies in a few clicks.
  • Provides advanced trading services for experienced traders.
  • Most cannabis-friendly cryptocurrencies are supported, but you can trade in other markets by leveling up.

More to come

We're working on several tool additions in the near future. Please keep in touch by following us in our social network accounts!